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Yesterday’s Sensational Sunday

Yet again I had the best intentions to post last night but I ended up sputtering out around 8 p.m.  even though I ended up staying up too late anyway. Sometimes I just get into this mindless mode where I’m not doing much of anything even though I want to be.

I did finally pick up the guitar after a short hiatus. It’s funny how a vacation can throw your routine out the window. I swear it’s taken me over a week to find my groove again (and if I’m being honest, to put the suitcases away).

Anyway, yesterday started bright and early even though I didn’t want it to. I was up before everyone at 6 a.m. and I tried to fall back asleep but I just couldn’t. It took a bit to get my butt in gear but I finally got up, shut off the TV, turned on the music and started cleaning. I told the kids they needed to help. After a little while I realized I was all alone. I walked up the stars slightly annoyed that I was going to have to tell them AGAIN to clean up. That’s when I saw this …

kids cleaning the bathroom

Sometimes they just melt me! Other times…. grrrrrr.

When they were done they joined me downstairs and I let them make forts out of the moved couch since I was cleaning the floors.

couch nerf fight

This is another way I #wycwyc. The way I see it, the kids learn to have fun while cleaning and they are entertained while I do the big stuff.

While I focused on the inside of the house The Husband did his first big yard day of the season cutting the grass, edging and fertilizing.

yard work

It was gorgeous but chilly.

Once I got the house to a presentable stage, I fed the kids lunch and then hit the trails for a run.

trail running

I loved all 8 miles of it!

on the trails

Honestly, I’ve been completely uninspired to train for the half I have coming up on May 1. I’ve been so short on time recently and I know I can cover the distance, so training runs are the lowest thing on my priority list. And if I had to choose between going to the gym and going for a run, the gym wins every time. I just have more fun with the variety of what we do there and the social aspect.

That said, running the trails was really fun! I may just have to shift my running routes to the woods, but that requires a little more effort and planning than just stepping out my front door.

I’m excited for the half as it’s in Vermont and I’ll be traveling specifically for it. I love running in new places! I just don’t plan on hitting a new personal best or anything. It’s going to be 13 miles at my pace, which right now is slow.

After the run I stopped at the grocery store before heading home. We needed just a few things to get us through the week.

Then it was dinner and CRASH … I was done.

I took a shower, practiced guitar, and mustered just enough energy to fold my laundry while watching Fear the Walking Dead.

Yesterday was a great day and I’m ready to tackle this week. Not as ready as I was last week. I didn’t prep as much but I think I’ll be OK. Food journal is still going strong!

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