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Update: Altimeter App Available Now in New Dazzling Design

Granted, there hasn’t been much going on with the Altimeter app lately. But now it is time to say good-bye to the old dusty design and the boring user interface. We have given the iOS app a facelift and polished things up a bit. It’s hard to miss that something is different. And if you’ve never used the app before, now you have the perfect reason to try it out. The Runtastic Altimeter uses GPS to determine your current altitude – handy information when you are rock climbing, hiking or mountain biking.


Altimeter and more
This useful app turns your iPhone into an altimeter with many other great features. Would you like to have a compass with you, or know what the weather will be like? No problem, the Runtastic Alitmeter has you covered. You’ll never again get caught in a storm and can enjoy your excursion to the fullest. Plus, the app tells you your exact position and when the sun rises and sets – perfect for all outdoor fans!


What’s new?
Besides the most noticeable change, the app’s new design, we have, of course, added a few extras. The update to the latest version offers you additional options for sharing. For instance, share a photo of you and your path to the top, including the exact altitude, with your friends. Also, the app is now available in another language, namely Turkish – that makes 15 different languages in total. Pretty useful, right? 😉



On your next mountain hike, don’t forget your phone – with the Altimeter app on it, of course. Are you already an enthusiastic user of the altimeter? We’d love to hear about your favorite places to hike with your altimeter in the comment section below.


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