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The 20-Second Rule: Make New Habits That Stick

Young woman doing sit ups at home.
How many times have you told yourself that you’re going to work out tomorrow, only to snooze your alarm 5 times because “It’s too cold to get out of bed”? Or, what about saying you’re going to drink more water, but you don’t even carry a water bottle with you. There are certain energy-saving tactics that…

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About Mehmood Esmail

Mehmood Esmail
Hi, I am Mehmood Esmail, there have been severe health issues in my family, like cancer, heart attacks, stroke, kidney stones, IBS, etc. Where we live, in Africa, health facilities are basic. Thus it becomes imperative that we hnow what is happenining to us and how to look after ourselves, and where possible, how to prevent serious illnesses.

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