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Sunday Night Chocolate and Tears

I have so much swimming through my head to tell you about the weekend it’s not even funny!

Saturday morning started at the gym, as always, even though part of me doesn’t even want to step foot in the place on the weekend now that I work there and it’s my second home. However, Saturday morning is my favorite hour to go because it’s the only day I get to work out with the old 6 a.m. crew. We used to see each other every morning but with schedule changes, new programming and my new gig, it rarely happens anymore. I miss them!

When I got home I straightened up a little before taking the car to the shop and grabbing lunch with the family at a local stop. We needed to knock a few things off the to-do before heading on the road to meet my parents at Koziar’s Christmas Village.

We’ve never been there so I thought it would be a fun family outing. Key word: THOUGHT.

The drive is just over 2 hours. We left a little before 4 p.m., right after our late lunch.

The kids took naps on the way and The Husband drove. We didn’t hit much traffic until the end when the GPS told us we should take a different way to avoid delays. Luckily we did just that and snuck in the back while a line of cars at least a mile long strung the main road.

Unfortunately, about 2 miles from our destination the 4-Year-Old unexpectedly threw his lunch up all over himself!

Moments before he was complaining about a sore throat so I gave him a hard candy but later we realized it was probably indigestion. He was now covered in puke and we, of course, had no change of clothes. Not only do we have no change of clothes, we are in the middle of NOWHERE Pennsylvania on some back road heading to the Christmas Village.

Now I did what I always do — trying to keep everything under control and everyone calm. I cleaned up what I could with a towel we had in the car and The Husband just kept driving because really, there is nowhere to even pull over.

We decided to get into the Christmas Village figuring we could buy him a pair of Christmas PJs or even an elf costume or something. So we parked, I cleaned him off best I can, stripped off his shirt and put his winter jacket back on.

We see my poor parents for like 5 seconds while we race through the village looking for all the shops. Not one has any kind of pants. Nothing. The poor kid was being dragged through the village on a hunt for pants and Ryan just followed behind us like a trouper. We finally found a sweatshirt in his size so he could be a little warmer.

We stopped in one of the buildings and The Husband and I came to the conclusion we have to go even though it took us 2 hours to get there and we saw absolutely nothing.

That’s when I took a leap of faith.

I saw a woman with a sleeping child in a carriage. He looked around Evan’s age. I told her the whole story and asked if she happened to have a change of pants for her son I could buy.

She asked, “What size?”

I said, “Four.”

She said, “Well, today is your lucky day” and pulled out a pair of sweats.

I nearly cried. She wouldn’t accept any money for them so I quickly ran back to Evan, put them on him and brought him back to her to say thank you.

My pouty miserable 4-year-old was like a brand new kid!


We did one lap around the village and headed  home.

It wasn’t the family outing I was hoping for, but truth be told, we had a good time. The Husband didn’t agree at first but I asked “What would we have been doing at home? Nothing!” So at least we got the family out and about and now we’ll be telling this story for years to come.

On a side note, I really can’t recommend Koziar’s Christmas Village. I wanted to like it but even without our little puke incident we weren’t that impressed. It really wasn’t worth the 4 hours in the car. If we lived closer we would maybe go back but there’s no way we are trekking up there next year.

We ended up getting home around 10:45, the kids went right to bed and I fell asleep on the couch.

The next morning I took the boys to work with me. Here’s Evan in yoga class.


He only lasts about 10 minutes but it’s the cutest 10 minutes ever!

We headed out a little early for a mother-son outing.

First was lunch at Chipotle — this photo pretty much captures both kids’ current personalities


— then The Good Dinosaur,

and finally, grocery shopping. b891261e-19b4-4522-97e6-f0c6e8db7832-1

We had a great but exhausting day!

We came home, made burgers for dinner and played Monopoly. Well, I had wine and played Monopoly because it was a wine kind of night and believe me, I rarely drink wine! I was just in the mood.


Later, once the kids were off to bed, The Husband and I just talked and I confessed to him how I’ve been feeling out of sorts on and off lately. I’m brought to tears almost immediately over the tiniest things and I don’t know why!

He said, “You know, you’re crying right now, right?”

“I KNOW!” I said. “And all I want is chocolate.”

So I had some.

P.S. Those pants are now Evan’s favorite. He begged me to let him wear them again today!


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