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Rediscovering My Inspiration

I did it. I took some of your advice from the comments on my last post and stepped back. I removed all (well, most) of my self imposed pressure. I stepped away from the blogs for a few days, stopped worrying about the gym job, and just spent time with the family.

It was just what I needed.

And I realized something.

I’ve been scared.

It’s kind of hard to explain but the blog has always been a safe zone for me. A creative outlet separate from my “real” life but now that I work at a gym my real life and my blog life are converging in a really weird way and I’ve come to a conclusion: I’ve been afraid of who I want to be.

Who I am.

I’m someone who gets inspired by inspiring.

I’m motivated by motivating.

And I’m lucky enough to not only have this outlet to do that but now it’s my job. My “real” job! And I’ve been afraid to own that. Afraid I don’t deserve it. Afraid I’m not good at it.

But I am.

Man! Why is being confident so hard?

I went out on a limb and asked the gym members if they wanted to join me in a Whole30 Challenge for the New Year and the response was overwhelming. Now I’m hosting this for the gym and helping folks set their goals, planning a recipe exchange and just facilitating the whole thing.

I mention it on GreenLiteBites yesterday and I already had people from the blog asking if they can join in and the answer is OF COURSE! So I started a group on MyFitnessPal called Roni’s Whole30 Challenge — click here to join it if you’re interested.

If you don’t know what Whole30 is check out their site. In a nutshell…

For 30 days say no to…

  • added sugar in any form (syrup, honey, artificial, stevia, xylitol, etc.)
  • alcohol (It’s ONLY 30 DAYS)
  • grains (wheat, rye, barley, oats, rice, millet, bulgar, quinoa, etc.)
  • legumes (beans, peas, peanuts, soy)
  • dairy (milk, cheese, yogurt, cream)
  • the scale!

And say yes to…

  • meat
  • seafood
  • eggs
  • vegetables
  • fruit
  • nuts
  • seeds
  • healthy fats

(Click here for a shopping list that is a fairly comprehensive of approved Whole30 foods.)

You guys know I don’t usually subscribe to diets that make complete food groups off limits but it’s only for 30 days. I like that the goal isn’t massive weight loss or to never eat anything with added sugar ever again. The idea is to take a few weeks to change the way we look at food and fueling our body.

I’m down with that and it’s completely re-inspired me in the kitchen. I thrive on challenge and I love having “a mission,” so to speak.

Yesterday I posted this amazing soup I made that’s Whole30 compliant.


Today I had a blast grocery shopping.


And making an awesome veggie filled chili!

whole30 chili

(I’ll post the recipe asap)

I feel like my old inspired self! This (having a goal, experimenting in the kitchen, sharing tips) is what I love doing.

Officially my gym’s challenge starts Monday the 4th but you guys know me. I’ve thrown away the whole idea of picking an arbitrary start date and binging until I can attempt “perfect.”

Instead, I’m easing my way into it this week. Cooking more and more at home. Getting really familiar with the Whole30 food list, stocking my pantry and beginning to food journal again. By the 1st I’ll be all in. I think it will be good to be a few days ahead of my gym group so I can lead the way and be ready for advice.

So there you have it. A few days off really did allow me to refocus and figure out what really makes me happy. I just need to own it.

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Mehmood Esmail
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