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I Survived a Week on Whole30!

In true #wycwyc fashion I’m writing this at 6 a.m. on a Saturday. My days have been jam packed from morning to night this week and I don’t see it letting up in the next, oh, 10 years or so.

The kids seem to be at the peak of neediness. Neediness in a good way but neediness all the same – – especially this little guy, who I will be registering for kindergarten soon!

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I mean wasn’t this like last week?

In true cliche fashion I’ll say…  it’s going so fast! So so fast. I know some people say the days are long and the years short for parents but I find both are flying by me in a fashion that’s almost incomprehensible.

So back to my first ever Whole30 week. Well, it’s actually been eight days and I can’t lie, I’m doing great! Much better than I expected.

I can’t help but think the past 10 years of slow diet changes are the reason it’s been easy for me. Do you guys remember this post? I am a true believer in slow and steady progress and my diet (as in the food I eat) is a really good example of that.

The changes I’ve made would have never happened overnight. Someone doesn’t just start loving avocados and kale when they grew up on pizza and pasta. But those little nudges I have been giving myself to eat better, try new things, cook more, etc. have really paid off.

One of my biggest takeaways so far (besides all the mindless bites I would normally be taking throughout the day) is the lack of cravings. According to MyFitnessPal my sugar intake is the lowest it’s ever been. Besides some fruit I’m eating almost no additional sugar and I can’t help but think that may be helping.

When I make it through the 30 days I can’t wait to start adding back in foods like beans, oatmeal and wheat just so I can see how they affect me. I’m motivated just to stick with it for that experience alone.

There is no doubt that prep is the absolute key to doing something like this. I’m not only grocery shopping at odd times, I find myself cooking when ever I get the chance. Yesterday morning before work I made another huge batch of my Whole30 chili. It takes a good 20-30 minutes to cut all those veggies but that’s totally worth it for quick meals I can grab and bring to work.

Right now I have to run and make some breakfast before I hit the gym because in another #wycwyc twist of faith, I’m gong to see The Revenant at 10:30 this morning with some friends. They asked, The Husband doesn’t have tennis and this way I get some alone time before spending the rest of the day with the family. I love being responsibly selfish. 🙂

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Mehmood Esmail
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