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“I Like Talking to You”

That’s what the 10-Year-Old said while educating me on the gun choices in Rainbow Six Siege. It was a long day and I just got done putting the 5-Year-Old to bed. I was oversaturated, exhausted and just done. All I wanted to do what veg out with my laptop and the Food Network, but before bed I asked him to empty the dishwasher.

He complained about it, for a minute, as he always does. Then he started chit-chatting, rattling off character names and game strategy. Frankly, it all sounded Chinese to me. I looked over at him, closed the laptop and tried to focus on what he was saying.

That’s when he said, “Oh, are you working?

Yeah, but it’s OK.

Good, because I like talking to you.” he said, and then continued right where he left off.

I’m surprised I didn’t burst into tears right in the moment because it’s making me tear up a little now just thinking about it.

Sometimes when I’m in the trenches, getting up early and dragging my butt to the gym, juggling what feels like a million balls in the air throughout the day, coming home and making a mess while cooking dinner,  I wonder if all the effort is worth it.

I like talking to you.

Although nothing to do with my choices to live a healthier life per se, those 5 words were my reward for making, what sometimes can be, the harder choice.

It was a nice pat on the back.


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Mehmood Esmail
Hi, I am Mehmood Esmail, there have been severe health issues in my family, like cancer, heart attacks, stroke, kidney stones, IBS, etc. Where we live, in Africa, health facilities are basic. Thus it becomes imperative that we hnow what is happenining to us and how to look after ourselves, and where possible, how to prevent serious illnesses.

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