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GGS Spotlight: Brenda Reid

BrendaReid-TreePoseBeach-350x375Name:   Brenda Reid
Age: 47
Location: Colorado

How did you find out about Girls Gone Strong?
A friend of mine shared it with me after finding it transformational for herself. I lurked the Facebook site for about 18 months before finally signing up for Strongest You Coaching.

What do you do?
I work in software development, which translates into way too much time sitting behind a keyboard.

Work with a Strongest You Coach! Click to learn more. What else do you do?
I love to travel, garden, practice yoga, cooking, and my favorite time is spent in the outdoors with family and friends.

brendaitalyFavorite Exercise:
It probably sounds crazy, but I love push-ups and dead bugs! When I started my Strongest You Coaching journey I couldn’t even hold dead bug position. No – not for a second. I received a ton of encouragement from Jen and kept going, and now I find myself actually enjoying them! A favorite moment for me was showing my four-year-old granddaughter this exercise, and now she’s very proud that she can deadbug too. Push-ups also became a fast favorite for me. Mine are still inclined, so I find myself testing out various surfaces in random places.  I can feel them working!

Something about executing a push-up with great form makes me feel very strong.

Top 3 things you must have with you at the gym or in your gym bag:
I don’t go to a gym, I work out at home, but my staples are my yoga mat, resistance bands, and my infinity strap. And my foam roller! One thing I love about my resistance bands is their “packability.” I travel a lot and being able to work out in my hotel room has been fantastic.

BrendaReid-HomeGym-450x340Do you prefer to train alone or with others? Why?
My knee-jerk answer is ‘alone’—but then I realized how much I found myself enjoying working out with my husband after I started Strongest You Coaching. While our routines are different, the two of us doing it at the same time was great company and the common goal was a real motivator. But beyond that you won’t find me at a gym or in a crowd, too distracting for me.

Best compliment you’ve received lately:
“Gramma you’re strong!” from my four-year-old granddaughter. This seriously made my day!

BrendaReid-Granddaughter-450x308Most recent compliment you gave someone else:
I recently had the pleasure of keynoting a very large conference with a colleague. Like me, she had rehearsed endlessly in her head and worried considerably about her stage presence. She was amazing so I let her know.

Favorite way to treat yourself:
Massage saves me! Fortunately my BFF is an amazing massage therapist.

Favorite quote:
“Breathe In, Breathe Out, Move On” — Jimmy Buffet

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BrendaReid-Race4Cure-450x340Three words that best describe you:
I couldn’t come up with three so I asked my tribe. I got back a whole lot more than three: Energetic, Adventurous, Purposeful, Dedicated, Spirited, Brave, Friend, Explorer, Loyal, Gregarious, Upbeat, Spunky, Witty, Brave, Caring, True, Inspirational, Strong, Generous, Tenacious and Determined.


What inspires and motivates you?
Seeing others succeed and knowing I helped lift them up or encouraged them in some way.

brendarreid-fiji-350x375When did you join Strongest You Coaching? Why did you decide to join and what helped you make the decision to join?
When I looked into Strongest You Coaching, I was exceptionally hesitant because I saw all super fit, lean, or massive body-change stories on Girls Gone Strong. I asked if they were even interested in “someone like me” because my goal isn’t fat loss, nor was I wanting to turn my house into a home gym, and I was afraid this might not fit well with the program. I had a very open, honest conversation about this with Jen, who was amazingly supportive and reassured me that I would get a ton out of the program. She has been such an inspiration, always sharing information that was tailored for me, and made sure my workouts were aligned to my goals.

I found myself enjoying the bodyweight exercises so much that I bought resistance bands, then enjoying those so much that I just picked up a kettlebell, so my mini-gym is growing.

What has been your biggest challenge in the Strongest You Coaching program?
I was feeling like I was ‘failing’ this summer when I found myself avoiding my workouts in favor of being outdoors more. Jen’s great article on taking a seasonal break, and a fabulous group discussion we had on the topic, was exactly the support I needed to get out of that mindset.

BrendaReid-Hiking-450x340What has been your biggest success in the Strongest You Coaching program?
You have to understand where I started to really grasp this. I had lost ridiculous amounts of strength due to a very sedentary job and lifestyle. While I could walk for miles, I couldn’t lift a ream of paper without effort. I couldn’t hold a down-dog in yoga. It was really getting me down.   About three months after joining Strongest You Coaching, I went to pick up my granddaughters from daycare, and as I walked in the hall with a squirmy one-year-old on one arm, the four-year-old came barreling down the hall “GRAMMA!” and leapt into my other arm. There was no hesitation. No “Wait! Gramma can’t lift you!” No second thoughts. I just scooped her up and held them both.

These moments of doing what seem like simple things that I just couldn’t do before, are powerful.

I like to run around lifting heavy things now, just to see if I can do it.

What do you like best about the Strongest You Coaching community?
The relentless focus on empowerment of the whole you—not a number.

BrendaReid-NamasteBeach-450x340What is the habit you’re currently working on most?
Veggies at every meal.   Breakfast is not a vegetable event for me.

How has Strongest You Coaching changed your life?
See “Biggest Success” question above!

What would you tell a woman who’s nervous about joining Strongest You Coaching?
DO IT! Don’t feel like you need to be a bodybuilder to fit in – this program is for everyone!

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