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End-of-Year Food Journal Challenge

I had the best weekend ever and have no photos to show for it because, well, it was the best weekend ever!

Star Wars was amazing — the kids loved it!

The gym’s holiday party was a success — I did steal this photo from a bunch my friend took of our workout at the event.

Screen Shot 2015-12-20 at 10.07.38 PM

Finally our Ugly Sweater/40th Birthday Bash for The Husband was a blast! So fun I totally forgot take any photos.

It was a go-go-go kind of weekend until today when I literally did nothing.

Not. A. Thing.

I needed a day to just relax. We went out to dinner with the kids for The Husband’s birthday so I didn’t even need to cook!

At dinner The Husband and I talked about making some changes to our diet. He’s been doing a great job reducing his soda intake by replacing it with other drinks like Mio and lemonade but our next step is overall sugar reduction. Honestly, his sugar intake is off the charts and, well, with his 40th birthday tomorrow, he’s not getting any younger! So I said I’d join him and we’d work on reducing our sugar intake together.

For me that means keeping a consistent food journal so I thought I’d issue an end of year food journal challenge to all of you.

Now I know it’s the holiday season and everyone likes to wait until the new year to do whatever it is they want to do to make diet changes or reach personal goals, but I call baloney. There is no perfect so there is no reason to wait.

I’m setting a goal to keep my food journal though the end of the year. No pressure to be perfect — just a “bite it, write it” policy, so to speak.

Who’s with me?

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