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Early to Bed, Late to Post

I really miss blogging at the end of the day, but my body is loving the fact I’ve been in bed by 10 p.m. every night this week so far! And it’s been a pretty busy week.

Yesterday I had to jet home from work to pick the 10-Year-Old up. He had an entry test to take for a middle school magnet program. I was planning on going home and cooking but as I waited in the auditorium with a growling stomach at 6 p.m. I realized it was no longer realistic to roast the whole chicken I defrosted. So I texted The Husband and we met at Outback. I think this is the second or third time I’ve eaten out since starting Whole30 and I have to admit it’s easier to order than I thought. This was my entree last night…


Grilled mahi mahi, steamed veggies and a plain baked sweet potato. It was perfect!

My strategy is to order simply grilled proteins on salads or with a side of steamed veggies. Most places have those kinds of options.

Today, knowing we’d be pressed for time with the soccer game I prepared the best I could and put an entire chicken in the crockpot.

Chicken in the crockpot

I left work, picked up both boys and BOOM!

Crockpot chicken done

Dinner. It was delicious too. I overcooked it slightly but for my first attempt at a whole chicken in the crockpot, not bad.

I just wrapped up week two on Whole30 and it’s still going well. I love that it’s challenged me to give up condiments and random tastes that were starting to become more frequent and unconscious. The only sugar I’ve eaten is from fruits and veggies. And my mindless nighttime snacking has totally ceased.

The Husband is doing amazing as well! NO SODA FOR 2 WEEKS! That’s unbelievable. He actually texted me from his work meeting today to let me know all he had was water and BLACK coffee at his office dinner. His goal was no added sugar and he’s killing it! I’m so proud of him.

Let’s see. What else is going on?

Oh yeah! I have a CrossFit comp this weekend that I’m kind of freaking out about. The workouts are rough and I simply don’t feel ready. I’m not sure I’ll ever feel ready so I’m going to do what I always do and just show up to have fun.

My partner and I will be wearing these new fun shirts the gym designed.

strong women only intimidate weak men

I was so happy to be able to get them printed before the comp. I feel like I’ve been wearing the same shirt for 2 years since I started competing.

That’s it from me tonight. It’s already 10:30 so I’ve got to go. I really want to make this early to bed thing a habit.

Oh! and it you are interested I have been posting all my food journals on MyFitnessPal. They may not be 100% accurate as I don’t really care about calories. I just put in the closest thing I can find really quick.

Good night!

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Mehmood Esmail
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