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CrossFit Level 1 Training – Day 1

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I had the best day!

I came into the first day of CrossFit Level 1 Training much like the first race I ever participated in: feeling like I don’t belong.

All day I kept fighting it.

Yet all day I loved what I was learning. I enjoyed every lecture, all the hands-on demos, the trainers, the atmosphere, even the killer workout at the end that kicked my ass!

I’m looking forward to tomorrow. Still nervous, especially about the test, but excited to go back.

If you are into fitness in general, even if you don’t CrossFit, I highly recommend reading the Level 1 training guide. It’s really packed full of interesting information.

On that note, I’m signing off today. I’m exhausted! And I get to sleep in a hotel room ALL BY MYSELF. You fellow parents know what an amazing opportunity this is. I’m hoping to catch up on about 3 weeks of sleep.

Oh! And here’s my food journal for the day…

Car Snack: Granola bar

Breakfast: At a diner — 2 eggs scrambled with 3 slices of bacon, hash browns and 1 slice of rye toast.

Lunch: At a local restaurant — chicken and rib combo with a salad

Snack: Larabar

Dinner: At restaurant – Grilled mahi mahi with double veggies and a side salad.

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