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Breaking Bad Habits and Fixing Awesome Dinners!

Day 2 on Whole30 and I’m feeling great. So far I noticed two immediate positives.

1. Breaking Bad Habits 

Finishing the kid’s plates.

Nighttime snacking on junk.

Mindless eating when preparing food.

I’m still struggling with these things and being on a slightly more restrictive diet is making me be much more conscious again. I can’t just nibble on cheese while making The 4-Year-Old’s snack or finish that last bit of rice on his plate.

All day I noticed those little urges and caught myself, even while at lunch at a local Chinese place. Yup, that’s right. It’s only Day 2 and I braved lunch out. I was outvoted by the family but it was all good. I ordered a plate of steamed chicken and veggies, which was surpassingly tasty!

Steamed chicken and veggies.

I missed a sauce, even just soy sauce but again… IT’S ONLY 30 DAYS.  <– That’s what I say every time I catch myself whining about it.

It’s also what I keep saying to The Husband who has agreed to give up all sugary drinks for 30 days. Yeah, I can’t believe it either! But that’s him in the background with a glass of water, the first I’ve ever seen him order at a restaurant in the 21 years I’ve known him.

The two of us had a great day with the kids. We took them to the park for some drone flying and golf.



I was so happy to get some family active time. Especially with our Christmas holiday about to come to an end.


2. Fixing Awesome Dinners! 

I know I’m beating a dead horse here but I love that I have a new mission in the kitchen.  I was really in a lull with cooking the past few months but I’m using Whole30 to totally inspire me. Yesterday’s lamb adventure was awesome and tonight I made some amazing steaks on my new stovetop cast iron griddle, which may be the best Christmas present of the year!


I love it and these steaks! I got my first shipment from ButcherBox and I’m in LOVE! I was planning a whole review post about this service once I gave it a try but I can’t wait. It’s too cool.

ButcherBox is a monthly delivery service of 100% grass fed curated beef (pork and chicken are options too). I got my first box a couple of days ago.

Buterchersbox score

I wanted to wait to share until I actually ate some of the cuts and since tonight’s flat-iron steaks were phenomenal well, here I am.


I can’t wait to make some homemade breakfast sausage out of the ground pork, and The Boys are looking forward to burgers night now.

I really think this will change the way I grocery shop and budget meat for the month. I ordered the beef and pork package because good quality chicken is much easier to find around here. Now I can focus my grocery shopping on mostly produce and pick up some chicken and seafood on a week by week basis.

If you’re interested in ButcherBox, click here to check it out. I joined their affiliate program.


Back to Whole30, my food journal is updated on MyFitnessPal and we have 29 members in our challenge group. I love that there’s a discussion board area so if you have any Whole30 tips or questions feel free to use it. I check it at least once a day.

I think that’s it for me tonight. It feels like my last chance to stay up late and hang with The Husband before we head back to work this week so I’ve gotta go!

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