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A Mother-Son Adventure Eve

I haven’t had much time to blog about it,  but tomorrow the boys and I embark on our annual Mother-Sons trip.

Last year we had an amazing week in Utah, Idaho and Wyoming — click here to see all the pics. 

2015 Mother-Sons Adventure


2015 was our coastal highway adventure. Well, just the older one and I, Little Bean was a little too little — click here for pics. 

Mother-son trip 2015


2014 we went rafting! Again just the older one and I; he was 7 at the time — click here for pics. 

Mother-son adventure - rafting


The whole tradition started with a simple day trip to Washington, DC in 2013 — click here for more pics. 

mother-sons trip DC


I live for these trips. They are by far the highlight of my year, and if you really must know, the reason I went back to working a more traditional job. When you’re a weight-loss blogger who is no longer that interested in losing weight and a mediocre food blogger at best, it’s  time to start looking for other ways to generate an income.

So I may be working more and blogging less but I knew I needed more cash to feed my travel habit. This year I have quite a few trips planned, and my season kicks off with this Northeast road trip.

northeast road trip

We leave tomorrow and I couldn’t be more excited, although it’s always mixed with a bit of nervous anxiousness. As anyone with kids knows, vacationing with them isn’t always a vacation for, well, you. Especially when you are the only adult on the trip. But I know we’ll have fun. We always do.

In other news…

  • I finally posted on GreenLiteBites sharing my first ever brisket experience. I can’t believe I waited until I was nearly 40 to make one. It’s going in regular rotation for sure! So so good and easy!
  • I’ve been KILLING it at the gym lately. Really I feel like a beast in the best possible way. This morning I did 14 rope climbs. FOURTEEN! And I didn’t blog about it but last weekend I somehow placed 1st in a local scaled competition.
  • I shared this article about exercise on the #wycwyc facebook page. It’s such a great read. I’m one of those crazy people who works out an hour a day doing crazy stuff at the gym now, but I wasn’t always like this. My journey started by simply walking and it really was the beginning of a big shift in my life. I feel better now pushing 40 than I ever did in my 20s and it’s not because of my weight. It’s because I move so much more now.

Ok, I think that’s it from me tonight. I need to finish packing. I’ve got a big day tomorrow!


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