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A Lazy Saturday

Besides working out this morning I did absolutely nothing productive today.

No cleaning.

No laundry.

No work.

I didn’t even cook!

I went to the gym, came home, ordered lunch, cuddled with the 4-year-old while watching cartoons, napped, did puzzles, played memory, ate leftovers of lunch for dinner, talked to mom and watched football.

That was it.

This was the only photo I took.


I find I need more and more days like this. They re-energize my soul.

Tomorrow is another story, however. I have a local 5k I signed up for — and totally forgot about — at 8 a.m. Then I open the gym at 10 and we have yoga at noon. After that I’m not sure. I have a feeling I’m going to repeat today but I should probably clean and do laundry.

We shall see.

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Mehmood Esmail
Hi, I am Mehmood Esmail, there have been severe health issues in my family, like cancer, heart attacks, stroke, kidney stones, IBS, etc. Where we live, in Africa, health facilities are basic. Thus it becomes imperative that we hnow what is happenining to us and how to look after ourselves, and where possible, how to prevent serious illnesses.

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