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9 Good Reasons for Training with Your Own Body Weight

Getting in shape doesn’t have to be complicated. Workouts with your own body weight are the perfect choice for improving your personal fitness, reaching your goals and staying healthy. And the best thing about them is that you can do the exercises practically anywhere. Still not convinced? That will change as soon as you have read our 9 good reasons for choosing bodyweight training.

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  • Training with your own body weight is effective
    Many people think that you can’t build strength and muscles with your own body weight. But that’s not exactly true: Although intense bodyweight training doesn’t take up a lot of time, it demands everything you’ve got. It is the perfect combination of strength and endurance training. Short rests keep your heart rate high, making this training a super fat burner. And regardless of your current fitness level: It’s always guaranteed to be challenging.
  • Bodyweight exercises are functional
    Functional training involves body movements similar to those performed in the course of our daily lives. These exercises can help us improve our ability to carry out everyday tasks and prevent injuries. Common bodyweight exercises are burpees, squats or push-ups. Since there are countless variations of these exercises, you’re guaranteed to never get bored. This leads us directly to the next benefit:
  • No equipment required
    You don’t need any barbells or kettlebells to do these exercises: All you need is your own body weight. Though the workouts are short, they are also quite intense, which means that they are more than enough to positively transform your body. And if you ever feel the need for a little extra weight, you can always add a water bottle or a pumpkin.Vorteile Bodyweight Training
  • Greater balance
    Have you ever tried single leg squats or jump lunges? It’s not so easy to keep your balance, is it? By incorporating these exercises into your regular routine, you can improve your balance and work on your core stability at the same time.
  • You save time and money
    Two key advantages of bodyweight training are the time and money you save. You can do these exercises in the comfort of your home, saving you the time and effort of getting in the car or jumping on the bike and going to the gym. Plus, you don’t have to pay any expensive membership fees. You can spend the money instead on new sportswear or accessories.
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  • You don’t have to worry about opening hours
    Since training with your own body weight doesn’t require a trip to the gym, you can say goodbye to inconvenient opening hours. Mornings in the park before work or late at night in your apartment – it doesn’t matter, you can work out whenever you want.
  • There’s no such thing as boredom
    That you can customize your bodyweight training, you learned above. It’s perfect for both beginners and more advanced fitness enthusiasts. Since you can modify every exercise, there is no chance of getting bored with your workout. Change up the exercises, take shorter rests, and increase the intensity. The more variety, the better. Exercise with your friends to keep up your motivation.
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  • Bodyweight training can be done anywhere
    Regardless of whether you are at home, visiting family or on a trip: Because you can do the exercises anywhere, your bodyweight training goes where you go. So say goodbye to all those lame excuses. In no time, you will see positive results.
  • You burn fat fast – really fast
    Next summer is already on its way. That’s why this last reason is probably the most convincing one for bodyweight training: Intense interval training helps boost your metabolism in just a couple of minutes. Owing to the high afterburn effect, you continue to burn calories for hours after your hard workout. So, isn’t that reason enough to work out?

Have we finally convinced you of training with your own body weight, or have you already tried it? Let us know what you think in the comments below – we look forward to hearing from you.


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