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5 Useful and Interesting Facts About Runtastic Moment

Runtastic Moment not only looks like a stylish watch, but it is also an activity tracker with many useful features to keep you company 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

This blog post will explain some of the features of the Moment that might not be apparent at first glance.

Runtastic Moment is really a watch
This statement might seem obvious – but Runtastic Moment not only looks like a watch but has all its properties as well: This starts with the different sizes that match industry standards. At 38 mm in diameter, Runtastic Moment Fun is the smallest watch, whereas Runtastic Moment Basic and Runtastic Moment Classic are in the middle at 43 mm and 42 mm. For all those looking for something bigger, there is Runtastic Moment Elite at 46 mm in diameter.

Runtastic Moment

Individually interchangeable armbands
Like for traditional watches, the armbands are easy and quick to change. Once again, industry standards were applied so you can customize your watch to suit your individual taste. Runtastic Fun is designed for 18 mm armbands, whereas Runtastic Basic and Classic require 20 mm ones. Elite uses 24 mm armbands to fit the larger case.

Use the Moment as a second Runtastic display
You might be wondering how this is possible, considering that Runtastic Moment doesn’t have a display. The answer is simple: We use the hands of the watch to take an innovative approach to displaying your progress in the Runtastic app. When you go running, you can select in the Runtastic app under the menu item “Runtastic Wearables” which value you would like to display on your Moment. You can choose between duration, distance or time. During your run, the respective hand of the watch will be controlled by the Runtastic app to display this information.

The gentle waker-upper
Sleep is an essential part of a healthy lifestyle. Runtastic Moment can track your sleep and on the next day provide you with valuable insights into the duration and quality of your sleep via the Runtastic Me app. But the perfect start to the day is also incredibly important. Through its integrated vibration motor, Runtastic Moment wakes you gently so you feel relaxed and refreshed in the morning.

You don’t have your smartphone with you? No problem!
Runtastic Moment saves all your activities and data for 7 days – even your sleep tracking! As soon as you are in reach of your smartphone, all the data will be transferred via Bluetooth Smart technology. Thanks to its long-lasting lithium battery, you don’t have to constantly worry about charging your watch for about 6 months. Thus, Runtastic Moment is your perfect daily companion even without a smartphone or a socket near you.

For further information on all the great features of Runtastic Moment, click here.


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